Latest News Tech Calling in Chinese can be understood in Hindi!

Calling in Chinese can be understood in Hindi!

Kathmandu. Samsung has released the 'Real Time Call Translation' feature. At the Galaxy Unpacked event held on Wednesday night, the company announced the facility to translate the language of phone calls in real time as a new way of communication.

Especially when the other person does not know the language he speaks, the way of communication with him may be blocked. In order to avoid such a situation, Samsung has introduced 'real time call translation' feature.

Recently, the concept of ride sharing has reached most parts of the world. In such a case, the traveler tried to call the person sharing the ride, but the language spoken by him may not be understood by the person traveling. In that case, the company claims that this feature is also important to translate what is happening on the phone in real time.

Whether you are making a call or receiving a call, you have to choose the language of the person on the other end that you want. Then the conversation of that person arrives on your device in a language you understand. Similarly, this feature not only translates the language in real time, but also downloads it as text.

Through this, users can translate into 13 different languages ​​such as Chinese, English, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Thai, Spanish and Vietnamese. Once you have selected the language spoken by the person you are calling and the language to be translated into, you will not have to set the language for that person over and over again.

Through this feature, there is a risk that third parties can listen to the conversation going on in the call. However, the company claims that this feature will keep the user's calls confidential.

This feature is currently only available on the Samsung Galaxy S24 series. No matter what phone the other person uses, if you are using a Samsung S24 series phone, you can use this feature.

Samsung is going to provide this feature through the app as well. The company has given the name 'Interpreter' to this feature which comes not only in phone calls but in a separate app. Using this, the user can translate the language spoken by another person in real time while he is speaking. According to the company, the translation will be in both voice and text.

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