Latest News Business Export of oranges worth more than 36 crores from Khotang

Export of oranges worth more than 36 crores from Khotang

Khotang. This year, more than 363.5 million worth of oranges have been exported from Khotang district, which has ten local levels. According to Krishi Gyan Kendra, there are 810 hectares of land in the district, which has two municipalities and eight rural villages. According to Sanjay Kumar Pandit, Agricultural Extension Officer of the Centre, 3,735 metric tonnes of oranges have been produced in the district this year. He informed that most oranges were produced in Jantedhunga Rural Municipality this year. “Orange planted in 742 hectares area in the district has started producing. Compared to last year, it seems that ten metric tons have been produced this year”, he said, “It is estimated that there will be further increase in the coming year. With the oranges produced by the farmers getting a good market, the number of commercial farmers is also increasing. Jagat Rai, a local resident, has claimed that oranges worth more than 1 crore have been exported from Jantedhunga-6 Diplung alone this year. “Most oranges are produced in Fagatpur, Chobhe, Satmara, Kerabari and other places of our ward. This year, we have exported more than 10 million”, he said, “Some people have taken it to the market and sold it, while some contractors have come and bought it in their garden. I myself took it to the markets of Sunsari's Itahari and Udaipur's Beltar, Saptari's Fattepur and sold it for Rs 6 lakh. Local farmers have said that oranges worth more than 10 million have been exported from Ghorle village in Jantedhunga-5 Chisapani in the southern region of the district. It is said that the same amount of oranges were exported from the villages such as Wachipala and Khuta in the said ward. Rai informed that since the oranges ripen in Jantedhunga Rural Municipality from the last week of October, they get a good market. It is said that no disease has been seen in the orange plantation planted by Jantedhunga farmers.

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